Inspired by Pinterest!

Adventures from Pinterest

I came across the idea to make these Valentine’s Day votives from Homemade Serenity via Pinterest. The above three were my favorites the students created.

I love making holiday crafts with my preschool class. I try and do something different every year so parents aren’t receiving the same, boring project each year. I really like that this one was so easy, very pretty, and useful! Originally, my plan was to send home tealights to put inside (check out the photos from the link above) because it made the jars that much prettier. But since I hadn’t tested the saftey for myself of mixing liquid starch, tissue paper, and a flame, I decided against it. Instead, my co-teacher & I sent them home with the lids included and a ribbon added (you can tell by the photo that ribbon tying is not my strong point, however. Hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?).

I was pleasantly surprised at how well they turned out. Of course some students, left to their own devices, were slowly butchering their projects. But most of them did a great job with little assistance from me. My favorite part of doing this project with them was watching each student make it their own. I enjoyed seeing them choose the color of their hearts, the sizes, and designing their own pattern!

I’d say that this project was a pinterest-inspired success! I hope that the parents enjoyed receiving them. And, most importanty, that they will actually use them!