DIY Project #3: Homemade Lotion (version 2)

Ok, so this is version 2 that I made this afternoon. I love version 1 and will most likely still use up my supple of it (or maybe gift it). This version is more natural, however, so probably better for your body. although I’m not claiming to be an expert on such things. I didn’t take photos during this one because it is made almost exactly like version one. You can always look to version 1 for photos of a step-by-step. Here it is!


16 oz baby lotion

8 oz vitamin e cream

8 oz coconut oil (solid form)

a mixing bowl

a hand mixer

container(s) for storage of finished product

So how is this different from version 1? Let me tell you. 1. This time around I chose an organic baby lotion, unscented. 2. I finally found a vitamin e cream that did not contain retinyl palmitate (see my thoughts on that in version 1) 3. I used coconut oil instead of vaseline and 4. this recipe needs a hand mixer.

Step 1: Combine all ingredients into your bowl. Using a hand mixer, set it to “whip” and mix until all the ingredients are incorporated and have the look of icing. You really do need a mixer for this to get all the coconut oil to combine. I still had a few chunks in mine that I just picked out by hand. Made me miss the vaseline a little…it was easier!

Step 2: Scoop the mixture into your container of choice! All done! Easy peasy!

The verdict/side notes:

I’m still partial to version 1, but mostly because I liked the shea & cocoa butter scent and it was slightly easier . This version turned out very well too and works great.  I only choose the unscented organic because it doesn’t contain all the “bad stuff”. Like I said, the vitamin e cream that I used did not contain retinyl palmitate this time around (I found it at CVS, their brand). That was a plus. Also, I liked using the coconut oil better than the vaseline since it left a less greasy feeling. It’s still not “all natural” but it’s definitely better than your average store bought with out having to pay an arm and a leg for organic brands. This batch ended up filling a 16 oz mason jar, an 8 oz mason jar, and 1 3/4 of the vitamin e containers (they each held 4 oz).

While I’m having fun with all this DIY, I’m done for awhile with the lotions 🙂 I have enough to last me for quite some time. I’m going to move on to other things for awhile so stay tuned!