DIY Project #2: Homemade Lotion

I am a lotion addict. I apply it all over my body immediately after every shower. I apply it every time I wash my hands. I have it stashed in my “teacher” cabinet at work, in my car, and in my purse. Needless to say, I go through a TON of lotion. I’m also very picky about the lotion I use. My absolute favorite brand is Curel, but it’s pretty pricey (for me). I test out a few other brands from time to time, and so far Jergens and Equate also make the cut. Even though Equate is the cheapest, when you go through it as fast as I do, the cost adds up. So I decided to try making my own and seeing what happened. Here it is:

BeFunky_IMG_0069.jpg Ingredients/Materials Needed:

16 oz Baby Lotion

8 oz Vitamin E Cream

8 oz Vaseline

A bowl for mixing

A whisk

A container for storage of finished product




BeFunky_IMG_0070.jpgStep 1:

Combine all the ingredients in a medium bowl. You could use an electric mixer for this, but I ended up just using a plain old whisk.

*I used the Shea & Cocoa butter scent of Johnson’s Baby Lotion because I liked the smell. Walmart had the Vitamin E cream on sale and in a two-pack. I also used the Equate brand of vaseline. You could cheapen your cost here buy using a generic brand of all these ingredients. I splurged on the brand name baby lotion because I didn’t like the smell of the generic.






Step 2:

Keep mixing until all the ingredients are blended together well. It should start resembling a whipped icing consistency.







BeFunky_IMG_0072.jpgStep 3:

Add the mixture into your storage container. This ended up being the trickiest part for me. The easiest way to do this would be to use a plastic screw-top container or a small 8 0z mason jar. I really wanted to store it in a pump, however. I ended up pouring the mixture into a ziplock baggie, snipping the corner off, and piping it into the bottle.

*This lotion will probably be thicker than your normal lotion. It pumps out of the bottle I used, but it requires a little more effort to get it out and comes out in smaller amounts. A little frustrating for an impatient person like myself.





BeFunky_IMG_0068.jpgStep 4:

If you follow the recipe as layed out, you will have quite a bit of extra lotion. I ended up having enough to fill the pump bottle, both vitamin e cream bottles, and half a mason jar.

Viola! You’re all done!







The Verdict:

I love this lotion! It’s a little thicker than what I’m used to and it goes on a little greasier at first, but I’ve been using it for a week now and it dries pretty quickly. The great part about this lotion is that a little bit goes a looonnnggg way, so you get more bang for your buck. This supply will last me quite awhile. I had to spend a tad more up front by needing to buy a pump bottle, which ended up being not necessary. Other than that, it was pretty inexpensive. I am interested to see how long a single batch will last me since I need to use so much less!

BUUTTTT….here’s the downside. And I was really bummed about this discovery. Because did I mention I loved the way this turned out?? The day after I made this, I happened to glance at the ingredients list for the vitamin e cream. I was sad to see that it said it contained retinyl palmitate. Now, not everyone agrees on whether or not this is “toxic”, but the more I’ve read in to it, the more I’ve decided I just want to stay away from it. I am usually very good about checking the ingredients on things, but I was so excited to try this that I slipped up. I’ve continued using it (I mean, hey..I bought all the stuff and spent the time making it right? Right?!), but I am already planning on a remake. I found a very similar recipe that I would like to try and make a few tweaks to. It sounds like it may turn out even better than this batch, which would be amazing! All I need now is to find some toxic-free vitamin e cream darn it!

I’m having fun with this whole DIY thing, but I’m still very new to it. Have you experimented with any DIY lotions or lotion bars? What recipe did you use? How did they turn out?

Happy Friday!