Homemade Body Wash


Here’s how to make you very own body wash! This was about the easiest recipe I have made yet. You only need 3 simple indredients! Below is how I made this recipe. If you’d like, you can see where I got the information here.

What You’ll Need:

4-6 cups water, depending on how runny/thick you want it to be

1 bar castille soap

2 tablespoons glycerin

Step 1:

Grate your bar of soap. I used Dr. Bronner’s Castille Soap in the Almond scent. Castille soap is highly recommended for many of the recipes I compared. It smells very nice! I grated my bar with a hand-held grater and it didn’t take too long at all.

6BeFunky_Tilt-Shift_2Step 2:

Add the grated soap and water into a medium-sized pot. I used a cheap stew pot I found at WalMart so as not to ruin my good pans. I added 4 cups of water to my first batch, but I think next time I will add 5 or possibly the full 6. Remember, the amount of water you add will determine how runny or thick your wash will be. You can always add more water later, so you may want to start with a smaller amount.

7BeFunky_IMG_0110Step 3:

Bring the soap and water to a boil. Continue to boil until all the soap is completely melted.

9BeFunky_Tilt-Shift_2Step 4:

Once the soap is completely dissolved, you can remove the pot from the burner and stir in the glycerin. Once stirred in, you can transfer the mixture into your storage container(s). I used mason jars.

10BeFunky_Tilt-Shift_2After I poured the mixture into my jars, I set them aside on the counter to cool. This took a looooong time so you have to be patient. Also, prepare yourself for what you’ll find once it has cooled and set. I thought I ruined it when I checked on it a few hours later; it looked like a big, white, THICK blob! I did a little reading and found out all I had to do was add more water, a little at a time, until I had it the consistency I wanted. But listen….it will look like (and sort of feel like) snot. Yes, snot. There’s nothing wrong with the consistency or what you did. That’s what it is going to look like!

Once I had it to the consistency I wanted, I used a funnel and put in in a repurposed empty and cleaned out lotion pump bottle. The pump is what I used in the shower. The rest of the jars are going to hold the “blobs” until I’m ready to use them.

The Verdict:

I was a little hesitant after the whole blob/snot thing, but it turned out just fine! I pumped a few squirts onto my loofah and it lathered right up! I love the almond scent of it. In my opinion, it worked just as well as my old store-bought body wash, minus all the scary chemicals.

I would definitely suggest giving this one a try! The bar of soap was $2-3 (can’t remember which) and the glycerin was about $3 (but you’ll reuse this for future batches). It filled 2 1/2 mason jars which is almost 40 oz! For about $5-6 I think that’s a good bargain!

Will you give this a try? Or is there a recipe you’d swear by?