out in the waves


Oh I’m out in the waves
I’m hoping and praying
Please let this wind blow me home
Night after night there’s an empty horizon
And my God do I feel so alone
Sometimes I, most times I, feel just like a sailboat

“Sailboat” Ben Rector


Ben Rector, I ‘Need You Tonight’…or at least next Thursday

Thanks to a friend of mine, I have come to discover the music of Ben Rector. Which is pretty perfect timing, considering her and I are attending his concert next Thursday at a local venue.

I have been listening to cds given to me by her and youtubing ( that has to be a word, right?) him. There has not been a single song yet I have not liked. I’m thinking I found a new music love! Yes, I get excited about new music.

I can’t wait until next Thursday. It has been way too long since I’ve gotten my concert fix!