A sweet memory

untitledI know Easter is still a little ways off, but I could not help but share this! I remember being a child and having a sugar easter egg (also know as panoramic or diarama egg). I clearly remember what it looked like; it was white sugar with yellow piped icing and there were ducks inside. I recall how much I wanted to keep that egg forever and put it on my windowsill. My mom, however, said ants would get to it. I don’t know what ever became of that egg, but to this day I remember how much I loved it.

I admire a lot of the art by Vanessa Valencia, so it was no surprise that I found these panoramic eggs on her site. She did an amazing job on these. For me they have a storybook feel….the toadstools and butterflies nestled inside make me think of a magical fairyland. How beautiful are they??

She includes a step-by-step tutorial, which you can view here. It has many more beautiful photos of the process.

I don’t know if I would have enough patience or enough of an artistic eye to to try to create one of these on my own, so for now I will just enjoy admiring these!