What I’m loving


A few new things I’m currently loving…..

I’m loving this song:

I’m loving my new Urban Decay Naked and Naked 2 palettes! I was already in love with Naked 3. Thanks for the early birthday gifts, mom!

I’m loving my new fruit infusion pitcher and Citruszinger bottle¬†from Crate and Barrel! I am on a mission to cut soda out of my diet and plain water is just so blah for me. This is a start!

And just for fun, I am loving this Marcel the Shell with Shoes On video. I saw it for the first time today before seeing a movie at the theatre. I. could. not. stop. laughing. It’s complete ridiculousness and utter cuteness!


An Irish saying: “A face with out freckles is like a night with out stars.”

It took me a long time, but as I’ve grown older I have learned to love my freckles. I used to hate them so much. I dreaded the summers when no matter how much make-up I put on, they would pop out even more. I couldn’t stand when people would point them out or tell me how “cute” they were. Now, however, I have a different view of them. I love that my freckles came from my dad. It makes me smile looking at pictures of him as a child and seeing those same freckles sprinkled across my own face!

What is something you’ve learned to love about yourself?

Here are some gorgeous photos of some freckled-faced beauties!