Pinteresting: Whole-Wheat Zucchini Bread

So after I made the Traditional Hummus, I decided to make the Whole-Wheat Zucchini Muffins! Again, the recipe came from 100 Days of Real Food.

I love zucchini bread (and banana and pumpkin and…I just love bread. All bread). I always have a very hard time when it comes to self control and portion size. So I figured this recipe would be great because 1. I could make it in a muffin tin so I have just the right amount and 2. It’s a healthier version of my usual recipe. That said, I didn’t’ stick to this recipe 100% and I sort of messed it up a bit! I had coconut oil but it was unrefined and I wasn’t sure how the coconut taste would affect the recipe, so I went with regular ol’ vegetable oil. I had honey, but was a little shy of the 1/2 cup needed ( I should really learn to check my ingredients before I start baking). I had plenty of cinnamon but read the recipe wrong and only added 1 teaspoon of it instead of 1 tablespoon ( I should really learn to carefully read the directions/amounts). The batter was very, very thick but I read comments from others that said theirs turned out the same.

The first batch turned out well, despite the shortness of sweetness in honey and cinnamon. Not surprisingly, the second batch turned out much better ( I added more cinnamon to the batter). The texture is definitely different, I’m assuming because the batter was so thick, but didn’t affect the taste.

All in all, they are quite yummy! No, they don’t taste quite as good as the white wheat-lots- o’ sugar ones. But they’re good and better for me! I froze half the batch although next time I will freeze more than that since (as good as they were) I don’t like eating the same thing for breakfast every day and I have a lot that will go to waste.

Here are how mine turned out:


They didn’t look a thing like the picture from the recipe! You can really see the zucchini in it…probably because I got lazy and didn’t grate it as finely as normal. Looks aside, I would make this one again!


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