Music loves…combined

This video is somewhat old, but I was perusing old videos on my computer and replayed this one several times.

It’ no secret that I love The Beatles. My daddy raised me well. So when two of my favorite musicians, Lee MacDougall & Justin Lewis, performed “Don’t Let Me Down”, together, it was a pretty amazing moment. One of the best concert moments of my life. My video-taking capabilities may not be the best, but just let their amazing voices be your main focus.

What are your favorite covers?





30 Things at 30

30 things at 30 from Fabricio Lima on Vimeo.

So this video made me think: what 30 things do I know about myself at 30?

Well, lets see…

1. I don’t deal well with change.

2. I am just now learning (years too late) to deal with my anxiety.

3. I am entirely too critical of myself.

4. There are many, many things I wish I could go back and change, but I’m realizing slowly that I can’t so I need to move on.

5. I will never outgrow my love of reading.

6. I finally found an age group I love teaching.

7. As much as I try not to, I always expect the worst.

8. I will never, ever learn how to swim.

9. I’ve learned to be more adventurous.

10. I spent way too many years listening to mainstream music, and therefore missed out on truly good music.

11. When I set my mind to something, it’s hard for me to concentrate on anything else until I do it.

12. I’ve learned to be (a little) more comfortable in my own skin.

13. I’ve accepted that I have curly hair and should just embrace it.

14. The older I get, the happier I am with less.

15. I still like to dance around and sing when I’m home alone.

16. I’ve discovered that finding a hobby that is something I can do alone is a good thing.

17. I’ve come to appreciate real friends. The ones that you can go months with out talking to when life gets busy but still pick up right where you left off.

18. I was not meant to be a great cook but I’ll keep trying anyway.

19. I will always have a love/hate relationship with exercising.

20. It is almost inpossible for me to talk slowy so that people can understand what I’m saying.

21. I will keep attemtping to be crafty until the day I die.

22. I can’t imagine life with out my little sister in it. She will always be my best friend.

23. I am 30 years old and still have to shop in the “junior” section because of my size.

24. That being said, I’ve come to realize that size I am is the size I am. I am healthy, I eat, I don’t over-exercise; this is just me. I may never be a “normal” size and I’m ok with that.

25. Even though I’ve always been afraid of fish, I love fishing.

26. I have never been out of the country. Not even Canada. And that really needs too change.

27. I rarely have a desire to drink anymore or stay out until closing at a bar like I use to.

28. Although I am not religious and probably never will be, I still love learning about the religion and culture of others.

29.When I open up to and trust someone, they better be ready for it. Because once I do, they will know enough about me to blackmail me for life (*cough*Olivia*cough).

30. I used to think 30 seemed sooooooo old. Now that I’m 30 going on 31 I realize 30 isn’t so bad after all.


What things have you learned about yourself as you’ve gotten old?